Summer Research Opportunities

Every year universities and colleges around the country give promising undergraduates a chance to gain research experience by working closely with faculty mentors in their field of interest. The programs range in length from 2-12 weeks, averaging 8 weeks. Most are full-time (40 hours per week) and offer a stipend (on average between $1500-$2500).

How to Find Out About Summer Research Opportunities

Most programs now have their own Web site. A useful starting point to begin with is to use various search engines. For example, searching Google and utilizing "advanced search", with the domain edu, and the exact phrase "Summer Research Opportunities" will yield many options.

For starters, here are a few terrific links to well maintained databases:

Many of these deadlines vary from early January to late February. So don't let time get away from you!

Applying for Summer Research Experiences

This website, part of Pathways to Science, has excellent information on navigating the summer undergraduate research experiences process. To view the prezi after clicking on the link below, choose the "Full Screen" option under "More," then navigate through the slides by clicking the triangular forward or back buttons.

Additional summer research opportunities also can be obtained by visiting the Website of the Internship and Career Center or by calling (530) 752-2855.

Review a sampling of Summer Research Opportunities.

Is your program here?

If you are affiliated with an undergraduate research opportunity that does not appear on this Web site and you would like to have your program included; or if as a program representative you would like changes or additions made to the program Web pages, please contact Tammy Hoyer, Undergraduate Research Center.