Publishing Opportunities

Students are invited to submit their manuscripts to journals that are specifically targeted for undergraduate researchers.

Why Would I Want to Publish?

For undergraduate students who are considering pursuing Master's or Ph.D. degrees, publishing is impressive for graduate school applications and is also an essential skill to develop in academia. An undergraduate research journal or literary magazine is a great start for your first publication.

Some of the following publishing opportunities on the UC Davis campus are produced by student groups, departments and scholarship groups. These opportunities include the following:

Explorations: publishes an online journal of the very best undergraduate papers from across all disciplines. The annual deadline for manuscript submissions is in May. For more information on how to submit a manuscript and to read the most recent journal, click here.

Prized Writing is sponsored by the University Writing Program. They also run a concurrent competition for cover art. Prized Writing is sold in the campus bookstore and used in various General Education courses. Their annual deadline for submissions is also mid-June, and complete rules and entry forms are available on the Prized Writing Web site.

UC Davis Human Rights Journal is an undergraduate and graduate journal highlighting research, art and prose from UC Davis students. The journal aims to portray the general subject of human rights through a cross-disciplinary approach. For more information, contact The UC Davis Human Rights Journal.

Is your publication here?

If you have an undergraduate research publication that does not appear on this website and you would like to have it included, or if as a publication representative you would like changes or additions made to this website, please contact Tammy Hoyer , Undergraduate Research Center.